The Starship Asteroen

Hello! My name is H, I'm clueless about anything coding, I like science fiction, (i wonder if this is this a contradiction?) and I am new here! I'm mostly planning to use this site for posting stories (primarily -a nd predictably - also science fiction)

Goals for the next few days:

  • make the site look nice (apply fonts, finish tinkering with the colour scheme, etc)
  • create the other pages - possibly a page for favourite books? A TBR maybe?
  • write my about (excited about that one)
  • make a separate page for stories
  • possiblly add a guestbook. someday in the far future...once i figure out how not to lose the site

If you want, you can find me on tumblr while the site is under construction.

Many many thanks to sadgirl for providing so many wonderful resources